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Electrical Test Tagging

All test tagging is completed in compliance with the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3760:2010). Our team offer an efficient, friendly and compliant service. We come to your site and also offer out of hours services at no extra costs to help minimise the disruption to your day to

day running of your business. All items are added to a register and included as part of the service. All of our services include our free reminder system.

Electrical Test Tagging

Our team first visually inspect the equipment for any visual defects. This is where 90% of the faults are detected. If the item passes the visual inspection, We then run a series of electrical tests. If the item passes all the tests, we then apply the tag and include the item on the log. If the item fails any of the tests, We either repair the fault, or tag the item out of service and report it to the supervisor / site contact.


RCD Testing

An RCD (Residual Current Device) also commonly referred to as a "Safety Switch" is a device that is designed to cut the power if an imbalance is detected, helping reduce the risk of electrocution. As with any device, They are not immune to failure. RCD testing helps ensure that the device is operating correctly. RCD's are also a mandatory device on circuits the provide power to outlets that are used by portable equipment. RCD testing is also a mandatory WHS requirement.


Microwave Leakage Testing

We can test your microwaves to check for radiation leakage. Radiation is invisible and scentless. The only way to check for this is with a microwave leakage tester. We use this device around the microwave to check that the seals are not allowing radiation to leak from worn seals or contaminate build up around the seals.

Minor Repairs

TEST 'N' TAG ORANGE can provide minor repairs to extension leads and portable appliances / tools. We can replace plug tops and extension sockets onsite. We can also manufacture braided extension leads in either 10 or 15 amp in various lengths as required. We also carry replacement extension leads, figure 8 leads, IEC leads and powerboards to be able to replace faulty leads as required. 

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