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First Aid Kit Inspections

First aid kits are compulsory in ALL workplaces. This also includes sole traders. Various first aid supplies have expiry dates. TEST 'N' TAG ORANGE can supply, inspect and replace contents in the first aid kits as required. We carry first aid supplies onboard the vehicles to be able to replace supplies as needed. We also have various first aid kits instock to be able to supply as needed. We can also supply eye wash stations, AED's and signage as required.

First Aid Kit Inspections

We inspect the supplies in the first aid kits, making sure they are in good condition, in date and suitable for the work environment they are installed. We replace any missing or out of date supplies as needed, ensuring that the kit is ready for use in an emergency. We supply an inspection log of each kit that details the contents at the time of inspection, We replace the supplies that are needed from this report.

First Aid Kit Refilling.jpg

Eye Wash Stations

We can supply and install various types of stand alone eye wash stations. We also keep supplies on hand to restock these stations as required.


Supply of First Aid Kits

We carry supplies of first aid kits from small personal sized kits, right through to the large wall mounted variety. We also have access to specialised first aid kits as needed. We keep snake bite kits on hand aswell as the "Smart Bandage". These products can be viewed and purchased through our online store by clicking here.

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AED Supply & Maintenance

We can arrange the supply of an AED for you. We are able to supply various AED types. We can also help you determine the best type for you. We offer inspection and managemnt of the AEDs also. There are various parts on an AED that require replacing at various times.

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