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Spill Kit Inspections

Spill control and containment is important in any workplace as it helps ensure that spills won't have negative impacts on the environment and limit the exposure of dangerous or hazardous spills. Under the WHS Act 2011, businesses are required to have correct spill containment tools to prepare and prevent spills. Are you spill kits ready to contain and clean up a spill in your workplace? Do you even have a spill kit available? TEST 'N' TAG ORANGE can help you by making sure your kits are in a servicable condition.


Spill Supplies

We can supply you with addtional supplies like absorbant pads, absorbant grannules and the like for your day to day use. This helps avoid using supplies from your spill kit. Spill kits should only be accessed to attend to a spill. If supplies are used from the kit, It may not be able to contain a spill effectively when needed.

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Spill Kit Inspections

We inspect the supplies in your spill kit, making sure they are in good condition and suitable for the work environment they are used in. We replace any missing or contaminated supplies as needed, ensuring that the kit is ready for use in an emergency. Your spill kit will have the inspection date recorded and a re-inspection date added. We supply an inspection log of each kit that details the contents at the time of inspection, We replace the supplies that are needed from this report.

Spill Kit supply

We are able to supply various types and sizes of spill kits. The size and type of spill kit required will depend on the individual workplace the kit will be used in. We can help you determine what kit is right for you.

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