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Non-Accredited CPR & AED Training

This mode of training is a non-accredited version of the CPR Training. 

This mode of training is usually offered along with the purchase of an AED from TEST 'N' TAG ORANGE. The training includes a demonstartion of CPR performed on the manikins followed by a hands on practical participation by the students. We then run through the AED features of the unit purchased, followed by a demonstration of AED use with the aid of an AED trainer unit.

At the completion of this training / information session, We can issue a certificate of attendance to those who participate.

This certificate is NOT an approved CPR or First Aid Certificate. It is simply an acknowledgement that the person has attended the training session. 

These sessions are ran onsite at the location / venue of the AED.

We do also offer this option for groups who are interested in knowing more about CPR but are not requiring a formal certification.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this as it is NOT an accredited version of CPR training.

Fees and payments

This course is often provided as part of the AED purchase / installation for up to 5 staff. We can also provide this mode for groups on request. Please contact us for pricing on this training for groups.

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