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Fire Extinguisher Practical Training

This model of training is a hands on practical session using the "Bulls Eye" system from Bullex. This fire training simulation is a digital system that can be used both indoors or outdoors at any time of year, even in the middle of a total bire ban. And best of all, without the mess! We can also simulate the use of a fire blanket during this training method.

This training is typically conducted at your site. We can also use this system to simulate a small fire in the building and place the training extinguishers at the same locations as the installed equipment to give you a more real life response simulation experience.

This model of training is non-accredited. Upon completion of the practical demonstration / participation session, we can issue your staff with a certificate of attendance. 

If you are after an accredited training certification, please check out our other other courses here

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements as this is a non-accredited training option. 

Fees and payments

Prices start at $99 for groups of up to 4 people at your workplace. Please contact us for more pricing options for this training. 

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